FAQ’s & Answers

If you are interested in ordering wholesale products from us, feel free to reach out via telephone at 303-718-8128 or 720-573-6933. You can also reach out via email at [email protected].

We are also at nearly every single Champ’s Trade Shows event, including the virtual shows! You can meet us in person or online at our booth!

If you would like to order some glass from us, head on over to our new retail site, www.pipedupco.com! There, you can find all the same pieces shown on the Glasslab303 official website for sale via online purchase.

Currently, we do not offer custom products. However, we do have small batches of one-off pieces, which are one of a kind variants of existing Glasslab303 pieces blown using heady full color tubing.

At this time, we aren’t able to offer repairs or returns, as shipping used glass across state lines is risky business. However, please reach out to our team either via phone, email, or Instagram, and we will be more than happy to evaluate your situation and offer you a store credit or coupon towards a replacement.

If you need replacement accessories, reach out to us at 720-573-6933, or send us an email detailing what you need to [email protected]!

All of our products are made using first-quality borosilicate glass ranging from 5mm to 7mm thickness, with color rods, tubing, opals and dichro made in the USA. We source all of our raw materials from highly reputable names in the American glass industry, including Northstar Glass, Greasy Glass, Hand of Man Tubing, Trautman Art Glass, ABR Imagery and Molten Aura Labs.

$500.00 not including shipping and fees. 

Fuming is an extra step in the glassblowing process where precious metals are vaporized towards a piece, onto which the fumes interact with the glass to provide a stunning color enhancement. Pieces can be fumed with gold or silver in our product line. Fuming is a quite delicate process, and can be removed from the glass with excess heat, abrasion or chemical interaction. 

We cannot be held responsible for fuming qualities diminishing or being removed post-sale. For this reason, we advise that our FUMED pieces be cleaned with extreme care using the guidelines found in our FAQ.

If you received an incorrect product or your product came broken, please email us at [email protected], or call us at 303-718-8128 to have us resolve the issue for you! Be very careful when handling broken glass! Refer to our conditions of Use for more extensive details about returns and replacements.

Yes! We are quite active on Instagram. You can find us there at @glasslab303

You can reach customer service Monday-Friday from 10AM to 5PM (Mountain Standard Time), or reach out to us via email at [email protected].

The backside of our pieces only receive our “Colorado Certified” logo after they have passed a thorough final quality inspection at our facility in Denver, Colorado.

We recommend first rinsing the piece with hot water. After giving it a rinse and wiping away debris in places you can reach, dump the water out. Afterwards, a mixture of fine iodine salt and isopropyl alcohol (over 90%) vigorously shaken throughout the piece is the most effective option to clean away stubborn residue. You may have to do this a couple of times depending on frequency of usage with your piece.

Use caution when handling hot water! Never fill a cold piece of glass with very hot water until it has had a chance to adjust to room temperature.

Shipping often occurs same-day for most orders before 3pm (Mountain Standard Time). We ship directly from Denver, Colorado, and it takes about 3-5 business days for delivery in the USA.

We do not offer any type of free shipping on any weight, size, or destination. All customers must pay the entire shipping fee.