Our Story

Based in Denver, Colorado, GlassLab303 specializes in high-quality scientific glass with an artistic twist. With our specialized designs, high-quality materials and American color varieties, our glass stands out from many other high-end and midgrade smoking products. Every GlassLab303 piece is checked in Denver, Colorado and marked with our “Colorado Certified” logo to ensure authenticity and quality for our sophisticated clientele. Our signature percolators set a new standard for a smooth, clean smoke, regardless of your choice of herb or concentrate. GlassLab303’s experienced in-house design team handpicks the raw materials and American color rods for our products. We ensure creativity and artistry that is unseen anywhere else in the scientific glass industry. We strive to provide value and expert craftsmanship at a reasonable price, and that’s what sets GlassLab303 apart from the others. Try our glass and see for yourself!

GlassLab 303

Where Art Meets Science.

Our Mission

GlassLab303 strives to exist as a new standard of value and creative quality in the scientific art glass industry, and craft unmistakably unique designs
to create a revolutionary smoking experience to fit every taste and lifestyle. 


We encourage our customers to open their minds, allow themselves to relax on occasion, and be the best version of yourself.


remain original


love to learn



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Top Features

Lace Perc

Lace Percs including the 3D Lace Cube, 3D Double Lace Triangle and the Lace Circle.

Two-Tone Mouthpieces

Two-tone mouthpieces include CFL color blends along with heady striking colors and UV combinations.

Color Variety

Raw color rods from Northstar Glass, Trautmann Art Glass, ABR Imagery, Yoshi Glass, and Molten Aura Labs.