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Quadruple Colored Lace

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Best Sellers: Beaker Silver Fumed 

New Arrivals: Beaker with Color Accent

Maven Torch

We’ve teamed up with Maven Torch and are now selling their premium torches!

“Burst into Flames”

GL Honey Straw

Grab GL Honey Straws to light up your store!

Colored Lace Rectangle

Inline Rectangle Lace

top features

Lace Perc

Lace Percs including the 3D Lace Cube, 3D Double Lace Triangle and the Lace Circle.

Two-Tone Mouthpieces

Two-tone mouthpieces include CFL color blends along with heady striking colors and UV combinations.

Color Variety

Raw color rods from Northstar Glass, Trautmann Art Glass, ABR Imagery, Yoshi Glass, and Molten Aura Labs.