Champs Trade Show - Atlantic City End of Summer Celebration with GlassLab 303

Lace Lord Beaker

Infused Gold/Silver Fumed Lace Stem Perc

GlassLab 303 GLSMRIG MSP

Skinny Straight Bottle

Perc: Honeycomb, Turbine, Waffle, Inline, Circ

Quadruple Colored Lace

Maximize Your Store with the Quadruple Lace Rig!
GlassLab 303 STRSM2 CG

Lace Dagger

Colored Inline
Lace Perc
gl honey straw

GL Honey Straw

Convenience for
Concentrates On the Go!

Exclusive Deals!!


Beaker Silver Fumed & Beaker with Color Accent
(Buy 10 or More and Save $10.00 on Each Product)

GL Slurp Set
(Buy 10 or More and Save $4.99 on Each Product)

No Code Needed!

Maven Torch


The Finest Array of Torches for Dabbing!!!

Quad Circ Maria

This beaker comes with Quadruple Mini Circ Perc that is smooth, clear, and solid!

“Superior Performance & Filtration!”

Best Sellers: Economy Classic Rig

We now have 13-perc for our Signature M-Rig series!