GL Slurp Set



Our freshest offering in banger design makes use of multi-marble function to provide unparalleled vaporization. Combining the enhanced agitation of heat and control of airflow, this quartz terp slurp set will ensure a luxurious, evenly-heated vaporization during your sesh!

Quartz Terp Slurp Vacuum Banger w/Laser-Etched Logo
Small Colored Quartz Terp Pill
Medium Colored Quartz Terp Pearl
Large Colored Quartz Terp Pearl
14mm 90°
Buy 10 or More and Save $4.99 on Each Product

To use the terp slurper set properly, start by inserting the pill into the middle of the unheated slurper bucket, followed by the small marble. Evenly heat your entire nail with your preferred butane torch lighter, making sure not to keep the torch in one area for too long. After the slurper has been sufficiently heated, give your nail about 65-75 seconds to cool. Finally, carefully place the larger marble onto the flat top of the bucket to act as a carb cap, dunk your concentrate into the lower dish, and inhale!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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